The HELios speaker is the first representative of the “Hybrid Enclosed Line” technology developed by Solen.

When listening, one is immediately struck by the magnitude of the bass obtained and by the ability to reproduce the micro information throughout the spectrum, even in the bass and low midrange.
The impacts and transients are sharp, precise, without any traction or boomy effect. We are surprised to see in the background of the scene , musical messages of the bass register usually lost by traditional bass-reflex or enclosed speakers.
This exceptional vivacity to reproduce the percussion and bass, characteristic of HEL, helps to strengthen the dynamics of this speaker.

True to the Solen spirit, this speaker presents a remarkable tonal balance, without flattery and without lack. Its response curve to the string is the guarantee of a high fidelity of reproduction.
The transcription of details and precision are homogeneous from the bottom of the spectrum to the treble, the mediums are rich and beautifully present.
This rigorous design, combined with HEL technology, gives the enclosure a signature that is both natural and lively.

Thanks to its high efficiency, the HELios is compatible with all types of electronics.
It will be fully expressed in combination with the Solen CV20, CV40 and CT50 amplifiers but, being easy to control, its use with any other transistor or tube amplifier is no problem.

enceinte-solen-helios-2LD-photographe Frederic Vigierenceinte-solen-helios-3LD-photographe Frederic Vigier

The HELos enclosure is entirely machined and assembled in France.
The side walls are made of solid cherry from the Alps.

Specifications :
Max power : 55 W
Sensitivity : (2.83 V/ 1 m) : 91.5 dB
Impedance : 4 ohm
Frequency response : 35 Hz-20 kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 480 x 240 x 310 mm
Weight : 12.5 kg

More informations about "Hybrid Enclosed Line" system…

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